3 Easy Steps to Start Value Investing


Let me put this bluntly.

When it comes to value investing in India, you have two major problems.

Especially, as a busy professional.

Problem 1

You can pick around 1,900 stocks on the NSE. And around 4,100 stocks on the BSE.

And, that’s just too many stocks to choose from.

You see, in value investing, you’ve got to spend some time on each stock you study.

After all, every single stock produces hundreds upon hundreds of pages of annual reports, management interviews, news stories

Every single year.

Problem 2

You already lead a very busy life.

And you have very little time to spare for investing after work, and your family life.

So, how do you fit all the work required for value investing?

Thankfully, there is a solution.

And today, I’ll show it you.

Step by step.